Simple Gallery

Showcase your art

Share your art and photos in beautiful online galleries.
No ads, no distractions. Just you and your audience.


Build a relationship with your audience. Viewers can have private conversations with you through Simple Gallery.


Control when and how your images are displayed. No ads, no distractions. Your work won't get lost in text messages or social media feeds.

View anywhere

Your audience won't have to download an app or create an account. Your images will look good on any device.

How it works

1. Upload images

Upload images to Simple Gallery to securely store them on the cloud. Simple Gallery stores the high-resolution originals.

2. Create a gallery

Select images that you want to show in a gallery. Set image titles and descriptions for viewers to see.

3. Share your gallery

Send the secret gallery link to your viewers. They can send you private messages through the gallery.




Give Simple Gallery a spin.
No credit card required.

  • Up to 100 images
  • Unlimited galleries
  • Private interaction



per year

  • Up to 10,000 images
  • Unlimited galleries
  • Private interaction
  • Store high-resolution original images, up to 20MB each
  • Remove Simple Gallery branding
  • Priority support and feature requests


Tailor a plan to your needs. Make custom feature requests. Influence the development of Simple Gallery.

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